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RefUrb is an occasional event for anyone working or living in an urban area and involved in urban ministry, whether as a full-time worker or church leader, part-time, volunteer or 'just' a member of a local church. (Just? These are the most important people!)

carmoor_rainbowIt is so easy to get buried under the pressures of urban life, and due to the scarcity of Christians 'on the ground' in many areas, to feel isolated and discouraged. The concept of RefUrb is to provide an oasis away from those pressures for a while, where folk can relax, discover others with similar vision, concerns, problems and joys, and hopefully begin relationships that will develop beyond the meeting.

Our prayer for RefUrb is that those who come feel better about serving God in the inner city when they leave, than when they arrived.

Sometimes we have a guest speaker, sometimes we just share news and pray for each other. A buffet meal is included, courtesy of the Urban Presence trustees.

Usually RefUrb takes place over a lunchtime, occasionally if we have a guest speaker we make it a full day together. Ideas for format, frequency and content are always welcome.

For more details, or if you would like to go onto the RefUrb mailing list and get notifications of future dates, please send us an email.

Recordings from some RefUrbs are available on CD or mp3 (noted on the 'previous refurbs' page). Email for details.