Supporting Urban Presence

Urban Presence is about supporting others, and providing or finding more resources for them. Of course to do that we need to be resourced ourselves. For this we need:

  • Prayer: Ministry in the inner-city can at times be an uphill struggle, with occasional rather than regular steps forward. As we come alongside and try to encourage people who are seeking to be and share Good News in a context of meagre spiritual and material resources and the daily pressures of inner-city life, we in turn need the support of those who will pray for and encourage us. To receive our occasional e-news, please click here.
  • People: There will be those who God will call to do more than pray, who will want to get personally involved in some way. This could be by getting to know an inner-city worker, linking with an inner-city church, doing further study, or by offering help to Urban Presence directly - e.g. a professional skill. Or it could be a sense of call to move into the inner-city. Contact us for more information.

  • Money: We make no financial demands on those we work with in the inner-city, as they usually are struggling just to keep themselves solvent. Our own support comes for the most part from other churches and individuals mostly from outside the inner-city. The bottom line is if we believe that God is behind this ministry, then he will provide for it - but he uses people to do that. Regular or single donations to support one of us personally can be made, with or without Gift Aid, via Stewardship. To donate to Urban Presence itself click the Donate Now button.Your gift could help with the costs of a Reurb event or help us pay expenses such as conference fees.If you would like more details on regular giving, please get in touch with our trustees. You can also suport Urban Presence through Give As You Live when you shop online, click here for more information.
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